British Wildlife Centre

The British Wildlife Centre was started in 1997 by David Mills and before then, on the site of what is now the wildlife centre, David farmed a herd of award-winning Venn pedigree Jersey cows.

Working closely with David we formulated what is now a total of 30 acres of nature reserve.

The British Wildlife Centre Nature Reserve was an ambitious project transforming originally 20 acres of former agricultural grazing land into a wetland, woodland and grassland habitat.

It was carefully project managed and landscaped by United then planted to produce a mosaic of wildlife habitats and food for a huge variety of wild birds, mammals and invertebrates. Work has now been completed to convert another 10 acres and so extend this valuable eco-system to a total of 30 acres which David requested our expertise to manage this sensitive project.

From simple fields United transformed the area to provide wonderful views of ponds and wetland portion of the reserve as well as the resident and migrating birds and all manner of other wildlife.

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