At United, we have an extensive vehicle fleet that includes today’s most advanced volumetric mixing lorries. Unlike traditional drum mixers that deliver pre-mixed concrete, our vehicles deliver ready-mix concrete that we prepare once we’ve arrived on-site. We only mix our concrete as soon as you’re ready for it, ensuring that customers only receive the freshest and most workable product.

The use of volumetric lorries makes delivery much cheaper for our customers. Our vehicles can be started and stopped quickly so you’ll only ever need to mix and pour the amount of concrete your project needs. Because we can supply concrete to such accurate measures, this eliminates the expense of unused concrete that we take away with us. With United you only pay for what we pour – and not a penny more!

If you’re concerned about access issues, talk to us when placing your order and we’ll arrange for a concrete pump to be supplied. We have a wide range of concrete pumps available, in an assortment of sizes, which allow us to pour your concrete into the tightest of spaces. All of our vehicles are fully maintained, operated by highly experienced drivers and available for hire at times to suit your project requirements.