SMR Recycling


There is an acute need within the Utility Industry to reduce waste arisings sent to landfill; reduce the carbon footprint and produce high quality reinstatements in footpaths and carriageways. United’s Eco-Bind Proprietary Binder (Previously known as SMR) has been developed to fulfil these needs.


United’s Eco-Bind Proprietary Binder enables a much higher recovery rate on utility waste compared to traditional methods. Traditional methods can only recover the granular materials from the waste arisings, which is typically only 45% of the total arisings. United’s Eco-Bind Proprietary Binder enables the other 55% (typically sub-soil and clay) to be recovered.


Using United’s Eco-Bind Proprietary Binder reduces the carbon footprint by:

  • Minimising lorry movements as less waste goes to landfill
  • Eliminating the need for primary aggregates
  • Reducing remediation costs due to the high performance/stiffness of the C2 and C4 NFSMR applications
  • Reducing lorry movements to and from site when mobile batching plants are used on-site
  • Lorry movements again reduced as utility waste can be taken to the same location where the high performing C2 or C4 NFSMR product can be collected.


United’s batch mixed NFSMR will produce a higher surface modulus than that produced using traditional unbound aggregates e.g. Type 1 803. This helps ensure long term performance and durability of the backfilled reinstatement and reduces any subsidence and remediation costs.